Day 14 ~ Friday, July 1st, 2011

The guys hand us the Route 66 book. They say "look and see, tell us where you want to go, what you want to see and where you want to sleep and we will take you there"

Well, the girls had a thought. We are sure the guys had the same thought! We were on the road by 11:43 am. We fly through...
See.... we could barely "catch" the sign!

We were thrilled to see this sign...
The girls settle in for a movie on the mac while the guys "take us where we want to go"!
We pull into the Lesjaks residence at 9:28 pm. Just look at their faces... PRICELESS!

We step right out of the rv.... lock the door. We head into the house. The pizza we ordered while on the road arrives within the hour. Shots are poured. Toasts are made We plan on having a great evening together before waking in the morning to unload the rv together!

We met on a fall day in October. We both had little girls the same age. Our families grew. We were neighbors who did everything together. The guys would come home from work, see each other mowing their yards and the next thing you knew, we were having a cook out together. Drive in movies in the back yards. Cocktail parties and Birthday parties. Some people just come into your lives and STAY!

That's the way it is with us.

To the trip of a lifetime... Thanks for the memories!

How about those bikes?!

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  1. Loved stalking you guys!! So much fun to log in daily and live vicariously. Reminds me of the RV trip my family took out to California when I was 17...only the RV part. No comparison otherwise! How lucky for you to all experience a 2 wk adventure vacation this way. Bet it feels good to be home.. Thanks for sharing!! Esp. liked KT's imaginary BOB story. HAHAHA